October 24, 2006

Bible Study

Lately I've been finding that when it comes to the bible, I'm not too well versed (pun intended). When I was growing up Catholic, the bible wasn't studied other than the favorite verses or stories that we would hear frequently. Naturally, there were the Sunday gospel readings but not any actual time spent on reading and interpreting the bible for our everyday life and how it would apply there in. There were no question and answer sessions and occasionally, if someone did ask a question, I remember the answer being something like, "just take it on faith".

As a Catholic adult, I'd like to learn more and find out just what certain readings mean and how they can be applied to my everyday life. Of course, these days there are numerous books, tapes, and even videos that delve into this very thing, but the question is, how does one wade through the myriad of choices and pick a very basic learning tool that's written (or spoken) in plain English? I don't necessarily want to purchase something and come to find out that not only is this book not making a whole lot of sense to me, but it's also not showing me how to apply what I'm reading into everyday life. Any suggestions would be most welcome, and until next time, God bless you.

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Moneybags said...


Thank you for asking to take part in the Saint for the Year devotion. Your 2006 Patron Saint is St. Cyriancus and his Companions (feastday of 08/08). The drawing for patron saints for 2007 will begin on December 1st of this year. Please ask to participate then too.

Please let me know you receive this message and of any connections to your saint that you would like to share.

God Bless