June 12, 2008

Update as Requested

Thank you, as always, Seminarian Matthew, for taking the time to comment on my blog. I've been neglecting it because I know that I should have news to report that I've gone back to weekly Mass but sadly, that is not the case, so because of that I haven't wanted to post and confess my obvious sins here online. Writing these words it strikes me that the only person I need to consider with my confession is our dear Lord, for He alone knows what's in my heart and He alone, can forgive my laziness and indifference.

I have been reading His word and pray every night and often during the day, and I talk to the Lord as I go about my everyday life, however, I know that doesn't take the place of fulfilling my obligation as a Catholic, to attend the holy sacrifice of the Mass, and receive the Body and Blood of Jesus. If I had to get right down to the knitty gritty of WHY I don't go to Mass, I'd have to say a combination of pure laziness and pride because I don't like all the singing, nor can I find a minute to meditate, and therefore justify (or at least try to) my non-attendance.

Please pray for me and I hope you won't think ill of me, Matthew, for you have been a friend for awhile now and I continue to pray for you.