September 12, 2008

Thought in General

We have been so blessed with our former home selling (especially in this downward housing market) and the purchase of our lovely, smaller more cozy home. Life is good and I know I have the good Lord to thank for this and all my blessings,......blessings which I and many others take for granted each and every day. I pray for more awareness of just how precious each day we live is and will always be.

As we watched United Flight 93 movie/documentary the other night, I realized once again just how great a loss we all suffered as a nation and how we must never forget those who perished, never knowing that 'that day' in 2001 would be their last day on earth. The brave souls on flight 93 have been immortalized and rightly so.....can you imagine knowing that death was certain and yet, being brave enough to force the plane down to save more lives? I will pray for all whose lives were lost on that horrible day in our history each and every night and I will thank God for all the good people in our world. May we never lose faith in that very fact and always strive to keep His name and our faith alive and well.