January 02, 2007

The New Year

It's officially 2007, can you believe it? I'm hoping this year will bring me closer to the Lord 'each and every day', because it's been a struggle for me in 2006 but I tried not to give up. I'm feeling quite disappointed in not having an answer to a prayer I've prayed for quite a long time now. I wonder why the Lord won't grant me what I humbly ask in my prayer since it would harm no one and would only serve to make me a better person.....at least that's what I think, but perhaps the Lord thinks otherwise. If He does though, that doesn't help me with my disallusionment and my ever so slight feelings of underlying depression these days and I confess, even a feeling of "why won't You grant me this, O Lord"?

May I ask any of you who read my blog on occasion to pray for me in my continuous quest to grow in my Catholic faith and to each day grow closer to Jesus, and yes, could you also pray for my special intention because perhaps I just need more prayers?