September 12, 2008

Thought in General

We have been so blessed with our former home selling (especially in this downward housing market) and the purchase of our lovely, smaller more cozy home. Life is good and I know I have the good Lord to thank for this and all my blessings,......blessings which I and many others take for granted each and every day. I pray for more awareness of just how precious each day we live is and will always be.

As we watched United Flight 93 movie/documentary the other night, I realized once again just how great a loss we all suffered as a nation and how we must never forget those who perished, never knowing that 'that day' in 2001 would be their last day on earth. The brave souls on flight 93 have been immortalized and rightly so.....can you imagine knowing that death was certain and yet, being brave enough to force the plane down to save more lives? I will pray for all whose lives were lost on that horrible day in our history each and every night and I will thank God for all the good people in our world. May we never lose faith in that very fact and always strive to keep His name and our faith alive and well.

July 10, 2008

Reflecting Again!

I've searched and googled till I'm blue in the face, looking for what St. Damasus, my saint for 2008, might be the patron saint for, and I could only find one thing.........are you ready for this...........patron of archeologists! Now, not only am I anything but a digger of the dirt, I don't even garden, for heaven sakes! Ergo, my wondering.....

I've prayed and asked St. Damasus to open my mind to just what he can help me with as well as his intercessions for my prayers and supplications. Could it be though, that he will help me dig down deep into the recesses of my mind and
a. make a thorough and good confession
b. thereby begin attending Sunday mass once again
c. bring necessary things to my mind which I need to work on
d. unearth all sorts of 'food for thought'

These are just a few of the things that I've been reflecting on and welcome your thoughts as well.

July 09, 2008

My Patron Saint for 2008

I've been picked by St. Damasus and below have copied some facts about his life from ..........

December 11
St. Damasus I

To his secretary St. Jerome, Damasus was “an incomparable person, learned in the Scriptures, a virgin doctor of the virgin Church, who loved chastity and heard its praises with pleasure.”

Damasus seldom heard such unrestrained praise. Internal political struggles, doctrinal heresies, uneasy relations with his fellow bishops and those of the Eastern Church marred the peace of his pontificate.

The son of a Roman priest, possibly of Spanish extraction, Damasus started as a deacon in his father’s church, and served as a priest in what later became the basilica of San Lorenzo in Rome. He served Pope Liberius (352-366) and followed him into exile.

When Liberius died, Damasus was elected bishop of Rome; but a minority elected and consecrated another deacon, Ursinus, as pope. The controversy between Damasus and the antipope resulted in violent battles in two basilicas, scandalizing the bishops of Italy.

During his pontificate Christianity was declared the official religion of the Roman state (380), and Latin became the principal liturgical language as part of the pope’s reforms. His encouragement of St. Jerome’s biblical studies led to the Vulgate, the Latin translation of Scripture which the Council of Trent (12 centuries later) declared to be “authentic in public readings, disputations, preachings.”


The history of the papacy and the Church is inextricably mixed with the personal biography of Damasus. In a troubled and pivotal period of Church history, he stands forth as a zealous defender of the faith who knew when to be progressive and when to entrench.

Damasus makes us aware of two qualities of good leadership: alertness to the promptings of the Spirit and service. His struggles are a reminder that Jesus never promised his Rock protection from hurricane winds nor his followers immunity from difficulties. His only guarantee is final victory.


"He who walking on the sea could calm the bitter waves, who gives life to the dying seeds of the earth; he who was able to loose the mortal chains of death, and after three days' darkness could bring again to the upper world the brother for his sister Martha: he, I believe, will make Damasus rise again from the dust" (epitaph Damasus wrote for himself).

June 12, 2008

Update as Requested

Thank you, as always, Seminarian Matthew, for taking the time to comment on my blog. I've been neglecting it because I know that I should have news to report that I've gone back to weekly Mass but sadly, that is not the case, so because of that I haven't wanted to post and confess my obvious sins here online. Writing these words it strikes me that the only person I need to consider with my confession is our dear Lord, for He alone knows what's in my heart and He alone, can forgive my laziness and indifference.

I have been reading His word and pray every night and often during the day, and I talk to the Lord as I go about my everyday life, however, I know that doesn't take the place of fulfilling my obligation as a Catholic, to attend the holy sacrifice of the Mass, and receive the Body and Blood of Jesus. If I had to get right down to the knitty gritty of WHY I don't go to Mass, I'd have to say a combination of pure laziness and pride because I don't like all the singing, nor can I find a minute to meditate, and therefore justify (or at least try to) my non-attendance.

Please pray for me and I hope you won't think ill of me, Matthew, for you have been a friend for awhile now and I continue to pray for you.