July 10, 2008

Reflecting Again!

I've searched and googled till I'm blue in the face, looking for what St. Damasus, my saint for 2008, might be the patron saint for, and I could only find one thing.........are you ready for this...........patron of archeologists! Now, not only am I anything but a digger of the dirt, I don't even garden, for heaven sakes! Ergo, my wondering.....

I've prayed and asked St. Damasus to open my mind to just what he can help me with as well as his intercessions for my prayers and supplications. Could it be though, that he will help me dig down deep into the recesses of my mind and
a. make a thorough and good confession
b. thereby begin attending Sunday mass once again
c. bring necessary things to my mind which I need to work on
d. unearth all sorts of 'food for thought'

These are just a few of the things that I've been reflecting on and welcome your thoughts as well.

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