December 20, 2006

Thank You, Jesus

I must first of all thank Jesus for nudging me many times throughout this past 6 months or so to return to Mass and go to confession.....I finally did both! Oh, I feel so much lighter in my mind since I was experiencing a good bit of guilt. I also want to take this opportunity to thank those of you who may have prayed for me on this. Frankly, I don't know if very many people even read my blog, but if you're out there and you're reading this, I thank you.

May we all have a wonderful, happy, and spiritually filled Christmas with the peace of Christ in our hearts as we share ourselves and what we possess with the Lord and with others.

December 03, 2006

Such Wonderful News!

It's with much humility and joy that I announce my saint for 2007 (who "chose me") is Blessed Mother Teresa! I can hardly believe such a priviledge being accorded to me in my pathetically selfish life. I've always known I tended toward the selfish side of things although I try not to and sometimes succeed, but oft times, do not. Therefore, it is a miracle in itself that I would be chosen by Mother Teresa who personifies generosity in her loving and worldly giving. I prayed last night for a saint who would help me in an undeniable way in 2007 and truly, my cup overflows!

December 01, 2006

A Saint for 2007

I just asked to have a saint being picked for me for 2007 at A Catholic Life blog and can't wait to see who I have for the upcoming new year. If you haven't signed up yet, just go to Moneybags (what he calls himself) website and request that a saint be picked for you. There's a previous post explaining all about it and how it came into being.

I have been reading spiritually inspiring things on many of the Catholic blogspots out there and they are very helpful to me. I feel the urge to get to confession more pressing than in the past and confess that I've missed Sunday Mass on a regular basis through my own fault. This deeply distresses me because I know it's a mortal sin and yet, haven't made the necessary changes so please, if you are reading this, pray for me to return to the Lord in the Eucharistic celebration.

I'm preparing for Christmas like so many of us at this time of year but it is very disheartening to see how commercial Christmas is becoming and devoid of Jesus, who is the reason for celebrating in the first place. All the emphasis is on how much money we spend and how many gifts we buy. So much of it this year is electronic and more and more sophisticated so that we're separated from each other in our own little "cyberworld".......and I feel as though this is what the future is going to hold more of, which is a very sad and scary thought.

My prayer every night this month will be for all of us to realize that the love we give one another, the courtesy, the kind words, the helpful deeds, and the prayers will be genuinely seen to be the true Christmas gifts which we can freely give to those whom we love, as well as those whom we come in contact with each day.