April 03, 2007

Easter Week

It has been quite a long time since I've posted here but my quest to become closer every day to Our Lord is ongoing. This is such a holy season and I hope I've grown in my faith, day by day. Having the benefit of reading some of the inspiring Catholic blogs out there has been a source of reflection and prayer for me.

I have so far to go and if anyone is even reading my blog, would you please pray for me. The resurrection gives me so many thoughts and longings, at the same time. I want to rise a little bit more each day in my faith and trust in God and honestly don't think I've done very well. It is the season of hope and renewal though, so I will continue on my daily path and know that I can get help whenever I reach out.

I wish each and every one of you a blessed Easter season and a new and lively love for each other day by day.