August 18, 2007

Thanking God for My Blessings

This morning, the weather is's a bluer than blue sky and absolutely no humidity, with a refreshing breeze blowing. I took my coffee outside and soaked it all in while I silently thanked God for His glorious world. The beauty of the trees, the colorful flowers blooming all around us, the beautiful blue of the sky with the white puffy clouds, all this and so much more.

Beauty surrounds us everyday in so many ways, ways which I must admit, I sometimes fail to appreciate as I should. The things in our homes that possess beauty and give us a feeling of comfort and joy are things that can sometimes become so familiar that we forget to notice or use them as we least that's the case for me.

I have many lovely items such as a special tea pot given to me by my grandmother who has since passed away and who I miss so much. I don't use this teapot nearly enough and that is something I intend to rectify beginning today. No more 'saving it for a special is getting shorter all the time and 'now is the appointed time', not some time in the future, which it seems, never comes to pass.

Other things like crystal glasses and serving pieces, a special vase to put some fresh flowers in, my Fiesta cups and saucers instead of just plain mugs all the time. Then there's the sparkling clean kitchen counters after I've polished them and the homemade foods and smells that eminate from my kitchen that I sometimes don't even take the time to enjoy!

Yes, I am promising Our Dear Lord that I will try each and every day to look and actually see the beauty that surrounds me in my day to day life, not only in the big things, but more importantly, in the smaller, less obvious ones. I ask for your prayers, dear readers, that I remember to be thankful as often as humanly possible by the grace of God, our Heavenly Father.