February 18, 2011

Caring Family & Friends

I have been praying to Saint Goar for the past couple of weeks and asking him to bring me closer to Our Lord each day, but also asking him to intercede for me in a particular prayer that I've been asking to have answered.  As time goes by I will see how things turn out but since my last post there have been other happenings to report.

On the 8th of this month I went innocently out to get our mail and was down our driveway just to where it drops off to the street when low and behold, I had a very violent twisting of my right ankle, tried to stay upright with my left ankle, which I then twisted as well, and down I went like a rock!   It all happened so quickly, I couldn't believe it but I knew something was very wrong with the pain that immediately began throbbing in my right ankle.  

This particular day was one of the coldest and windiest we've had in our area and by the grace of God (this I know, because I rarely even put my coat on to get the mail), I had my coat on, and a darned good thing I did because as it turned out I had to literally crawl back onto the edge of my driveway and sit down on the very cold cement. 

I was praying for someone to come by or to see me but the minutes were passing by and no one.  All of a sudden I saw my neighbor standing by her front window and I waved....she got her coat and ran over to help me and what a saving help she was!  She got me up and back into my home and got me an ice bag, ibuprofen, etc. and I don't know what I would have done without her.  May God bless her abundantly for her kindness.

Overall, my husband took me to the emergency room once he got home and I have a very severe sprain on the right and a mild sprain on the left and believe me, I was thrilled to hear that nothing was broken.  I was told to stay off my feet for at least a week, possibly 2, which for the most part, I've done.  

However, I've learned from this accident that so many people are kind, caring, and willing to help each other and in our world of so much apathy,  it is wonderful to know that others are there for us everyday but we don't always see them or take the time to be there for those who may very well need our help.  I saw all the people in the emergency room and so many of them looked hopeless and lost, plus many in pain.  I also saw the staff at the hospital and each and everyone of them couldn't have been more caring, gentle, and understanding.   Then, of course, my family, who I dearly love have been there for me in every way they possibly could, despite their own busy schedules, they seemed happy to pitch in.  

Of course, I have wonderful sons and a beautiful, giving daughter, to say nothing of my husband, who has outdone himself with waiting on me hand and foot, even though he is tired and worn out from his work day......how blessed I am and the truth of it is I think I was forgetting all about that prior to this accident!  So, perhaps, my Saint for 2011 is hearing my prayers to bring me closer to Our Lord and this was just a wake up call to realize that He sends many caring, kind people into our lives and all we need to do is to take notice......stop walking around with blinders on, and start looking around to see where we can help others in many small and sometimes big ways.  May God bless all those who were and are there for me and for us all!

February 05, 2011

My Saint for 2011

*JMJ* The saint that picked me for 2011 is St. Goar of Acquitaine in France.  I asked to have a saint pick me at Patron Saint of 2011 Ministry which is run by Marianne who must have many blessings coming her way.....she is such a wonderful person who reaches out to others to keep this blog going with much information and helpful stories from those who have had miracles happen in their own lives which they attribute to their saint and the prayers they have offered.

I did a bit of research on my saint and these are a few of the facts I came up with:

Saint Goar of Aquitaine (c. 585 – 6 July 649) was a priest and hermit of the seventh century. He was offered the position of Bishop of Trier, but died before accepting the position. He is noted for his piety, and is revered as a miracle-worker. He is a patron saint of innkeepers, potters, and vine growers.

I'm not sure why this saint picked me because I can see nothing between the lines, so to speak, as to why he feels that I need him but my prayers and intercessions will go to him as often as I pray.  Perhaps, as Marianne points out on her blog, he picked me to make him and his life more known.....we shall see as the year progresses.  

May each of you be so blessed if you decide to have a saint pick you for 2011, but in any event, may the blessings of the Lord be upon all of you who read these words. 

February 04, 2011

No Excuses

Today I browsed some of the newest Catholic blogs and two in particular struck a cord with me.  One is Little Steps Along the Way  and the other one which was equally inspiring is My Prayer Journal , both written with such heart felt sincerity that one would have to be very hard hearted indeed, not to be moved by them.

I've been away from my blog entries way too long, once again for whatever reasons, but none worthwhile.  I should long to stay attuned to blogging here as often as possible because writing about my feelings concerning my Catholic faith is something that always refreshes my spirit and re-focuses my feeble attempts at doing better than I have been.  I need to get back to Mass and what is so sad about writing that is that I've expressed that many times before in previous posts but so far, I just go right on with missing Mass week after week, and asking God's forgiveness time after time.  What is wrong with me that I just don't stay strong and motivated to put one foot in front of the other and just return to the graces and blessings of Our Lord in the Eucharist?  I just don't know.