February 05, 2014

I've Been Away Too Long

I simply cannot believe that it has been so long since my last post.....this is a blog I cannot and should not neglect, period!   I have a new saint to walk with me in 2014, thanks to Marianne and her wonderful ministry, and that saint is St. Engelbert.  The odd thing is that after his death, the appropriate papers and theological facts about his life were all ready for canonization but for some reason, not presented, and therefore, he was never officially named a saint.  

At first this concerned me because I wasn't sure that praying to him could really 'work' so to speak and until just this moment, what I didn't realize was how prideful that was and is....a sin I am far too guilty of committing.   

The main thing is that he was a holy man, driven to defend his Catholic faith and he loved Our Lord so deeply that he devoted his life to Him and that is all that should count.  So, I'm thinking that what I really need to pray to him for is help with the sin of pride and hope that he's not too upset with me to help me for doubting his credentials. :)  

May God bless anyone who may be reading this although I do think I'm somewhat a' sea all out here in the blog-a-sphere but that's okay because I know St. Engelbert has read it.