November 07, 2006

Little by Little

I'm getting into my faith again, little by little, as the title of this post says. I'm reading the online scriptures daily and also reading my bible study gospel of St. Matthew and looking up appropriate verses in my bible. I continue to say my nightly prayers and often pray throughout the day, but I still haven't begun attending Sunday Mass once again!

I mentioned my 'feeble' reasons for this in a former post, but I think it comes down to pure laziness and that age old desire to put myself first, instead of the Lord. It's not even very easy to type this confession, but type it I must because I think it's the first step in realizing that I need to go to confession badly, and then put one foot in front of the other and get back to Mass so I can partake of the body and blood of Our Lord, which He so generously offers.

St. Anne, pray for me and for all who search and seek Our Lord.


Moneybags said...

I certainly will recommend Confession. Think about the power of God coming upon you and forgiving each and everyone of your sins. Sunday Mass is an obligation. I pray that you begin to attend Mass after your Confession.

If you don't pray the Liturgy of the Hours in the morning and evening, I highly recommend you start. It has helped my prayer life tremendously.

PS: I will have a saint draw for you for the 2007 Saint for the Year Devotion.

Anonymous said...

You will be in my poor prayers that you will return soon to the mercy of Christ in confession. He wants nothing more than to embrace you against His sacred heart and pour His mercy upon you.

I have struggled with going to confession in the past as well. The longer you put it off the harder it gets!

Be assured of His gentleness and love and GO!

Moneybags said...

"To those who have been far away from the Sacrament of Reconiliation and forgiving love I make this appeal: come back to this source of grace; Do not be afraid! Christ himself is waiting for you. He will heal you, and you will be at peace with God!" (Homily of Pope John Paul II on September 13, 1987 at San Antonio, Texas)