October 03, 2006

A Tragedy, Indeed!

Hearing the news today about the terrorizing and execution of innocent children in a one room Amish schoolhouse has profoundly saddened me. Something has got to change in our society and it has to be soon, I hope. Those who prey on the innocent, the sickly, the elderly, and the list goes on, should be held accountable in every possible way and not be coddled by a system that encourages all possible excuse for the inexcusable.

I pray for those who died senselessly and horribly and for their family and friends who will never forget and who will never be the same people they were yesterday. I also pray for those who witnessed any of this rampage and survived, for they will carry scars forever and the question is always the same one......WHY? However, even when we think we have some answers to the questions that haunt us, they are never acceptable in the end. Instead, these horrible things should never have happened in the first place for ANY reasons whatsoever. There can be no justification, no excuses, for they are meaningless.

I would surely love to continue burying my head (thus, the title of my blog) but cannot do so any longer. The time has come to speak up and say that in my humble opinion, the shooter did only one good thing on the afternoon of this tragedy.......he shot himself, alas, not soon enough however, not soon enough. May the Lord forgive me as I know I shouldn't feel that way, but in truth, I do.

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