May 16, 2010


*JMJ'* I realize I missed a couple of days, but I'm just getting into doing this and soon it will be a very good habit.  Today I am going to the baby shower for my 5th grandchild to be, but the very first baby for my youngest son and his wife.  We're blessed with 3 grandchildren from my daughter and her husband and 1 grandson from my middle son and his wife.  My youngest does not know whether it's a boy or girl since they wanted to be surprised and do things the old fashioned way, so time will tell since she is due the end of June.  In any event, I am very blessed by Our Lord with 4 healthy grandchildren and one one the way.

Five things I'm thankful for today are:

1.  The health and safety of my children and grandchildren.
2.  The way Christina (5) and Anna (3) light up when they see me.
3.  My husband's good health.
4.  My good health.
5.  Our 2 sweet kitties who give us unconditional love.

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