January 09, 2009

My Patron Saint for 2009

St. John of Egypt
Feastday: March 27

One of the most famous early desert hermits, a noted prophet of his era. He was born in Lycopolis, modern Assiut, Egypt, and became a hermit at the age of twenty. He was walled up in a hermitage near Assiut, with a single window opening onto the public. There he preached to vast crowds each weekend. He predicted two military victories for Emperor Theodosius I, and they were proven accurate in 388 and 392. The cell in which John spent his life was discovered in 1925.

Many of you are familiar with Marianne's blog, The Patron Saint of the Year Ministry at which you can read many wonderful inspiring posts and can request a patron saint for the year. I did just that and the saint who chose me, is listed above with some information regarding his life. As Marianne mentions on her blog, if your saint is not well know, rejoice, because he or she has now chosen you to make themselves known and to intercede for you.

I looked up information on him but there's precious little to be had. I did smile however when I read that he was a hermit! My family members have accused me of being a hermit in this modern day and age, saying that I'm much too content to stay home and I need to get out more. When I was young my best friend Margie and I used to dream about growing up and getting an apartment together, getting wonderfully interesting jobs, but by and large, being hermits. Margie passed away at the very tender age of 48 and I miss her to this day.....who knows, perhaps she had a hand in nudging St. John of Egypt to be my patron saint for 2009.

Eternal rest grant unto her oh Lord, and may all the faithful
departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace. Amen


Anne said...

Glad to hear that you come back to blogging! And to the church! =) My Catholic blog is fairly new so I haven't really made a list of the blogs I read yet. But I do have a list of the few people who follow my blog. I noticed you don't have that set up on your blog though. We're the opposites, lol. Don't know if you'd be interested in setting that up yet on your blog yet, but if you do, I would gladly follow your blog. God Bless!

Marianne said...

I'm thrilled that you are getting to know your saint and yes, I see the connection with him also! You have a wonderful blog and I know that I will enjoy coming back every so often and reading it! God bless you and enjoy your year with St. John!!