January 09, 2012

My Saint for 2012

I have once again requested a Saint for 2012 from the wonderful and inspirational site of The Patron Saint of the Year Ministry and the saint who chose me literally brought a tear to my eyes and an immediate feeling of awe to my heart.  My Saint for 2012 (who picked me, understand) is St. Augustine of Hippo, the son of St. Monica.  

In reading his extensive history (which I've only made a slight dent into) I can think of a few reasons why he may have picked me.   One of the reasons and perhaps, the most important, is that his mother St. Monica never stopped praying for her son's conversion and I have been praying for my son and his return to his family and his faith.  I will include in my prayers a return to their Catholic faith for all of my children and their spouses in 2012.

When I read that St. Augustine wanted to be first in all things due to his pride, I immediately saw myself and was amazed by the exact similarity.  There is also another important reason I think he picked me to be my saint for but that is too personal to write here on this blog.  There are still some things that remain deeply personal so I will leave it at that.  

In any event, I wish to pray to St. Augustine without fail day in and day out and ask him for many favors, the biggest of which is for my heart to be fully transformed by Our Lord because as St. Augustine is famous for, this saying goes to my heart and basically, says everything to me:  

"Our hearts are restless until they rest in Thee".

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