June 04, 2007

June, Already!

I watched the original movie, 'The Omen' with Gregory Peck and Lee Remick yesterday and I have to say, it sent a few chills through me. Just contemplating some of the things written in Revelations and paying attention to just how quickly the world is changing every day is enough to make one sit up and take notice, or should I say, more likely, get down on one's knees and pray like there's no tomorrow.....for one of these days, who knows?

It troubles me that the devil is so powerful and always seems to take such good care of his own...does it you? Another movie that causes one to think more deeply is 'Fallen' with Denzel Washington and it also sites Revelations from the bible. It seems that evil is growing stronger all the time and every way we turn we're faced with it and must pray for the grace to resist.

Sorry if this post reads such gloom and doom, but I felt moved to post just what you're reading here. On that note, may the Lord be with all of you and with us all as we try to stay in God's graces, under His protection, and in His love every moment of each day.

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Seminarian Matthew said...

After reading your post, I thought of a quotation by St. Faustina. I think of Pope John Paul ll and the nearby end of times when I read the quotation:

"From Poland will come forth the spark that will prepare the world for My final coming.”

~ Revelation to St. Faustina Kowalska 1931. (Diary. 93, VI Notebook)

Have you ever heard of the Great Monarch? It is a prophecy concerning the end of times and is an interesting topic.